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Professional Visual Artist, Art History Research, Photographer, Writer - currently disabled
Nationally and Internationally Award Winning Artist
Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, Northern Arizona University, Magna Cum Laud, member of Golden Key National Honor Society, 141 I.Q.
Three majors: Painting, Sculpture, Jewelry
Minor: Geologic Sciences

Art and working with my hands is my passion, first and foremost. I enjoy writing, especially when it's in the form of a research paper about some little known area of Medieval or Renaissance Art.

Though disabled, I still enjoy gardening in general, am planning a veggie patch this year, and may even try my hand at raising rabbits and vermiculture composting. Permaculture at local levels seems to be gaining velocity, whether by necessity or popularity, and the internet is one vast storehouse of knowledge in this area.

I love living in the mountains of Arizona, even if I am surrounded by Republicans. (LOL) I live next to one of the few creeks in Arizona which actually have year-round water flow, and in a location that actually enjoys all four seasons. A rarity for this state, and reminds me of growing up in the Midwest. But Kansas is even more of a Republican stronghold than Arizona... oooph! (All in jest - some of my good friends are Republicans.)

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